Shaping the Geometry of Nature

Kleopatra Moursela is a real child of Paul Cezanne.

The geometric shapes of the great teacher become the means of the visual in a painting journey of many destinations.

When geometry is born on the canvas it is the moment when the universe stops and listens to its limits.

The pure language of the visual art expressed in shape and line refers not to a static condition, but to this very moment of contemplation and listening to nature, the geometry that governs it and the light that it reflects.

The blur that flows and diffuses through the enclosed shape, is rich, dense, open itself in a multitude of immersions and reflections of the shades of nature, it is watered in the sienas and the indigos of the earth.

And the purity of the composition, the peeling in the absolutely necessary structural elements of the face of the world, offers this rare opportunity for introspection and at the same time the realization that all external stimuli are inseparable parts of a single organic whole that is perceived when sensation is activated within us. .

This painting consists of large, clear steps to a revealing realization of the simple relations of all material and intangible things to each other, of light, of refractions, of shapes, of emotions.

Faye Tza