New Realities – Galerie Kristine Hamann – March 3rd to April 9th 2023

Galerie Kristine Hamann cordially invites art lovers and interested parties to the opening of the “New Realities” exhibition.

The opening will take place on Saturday, March 4, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thirteen international artists from the USA, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and France show exclusively abstract works using different techniques.

The title of the exhibition “New Realities” refers to the “Nouvelle Image” movement, a current of international abstraction that emerged in France in the late 1940s and was concerned with the creation of artworks based on mathematical concepts and scientific theories .

The artists of the “New Realities” exhibition – at Galerie Kristine Hamann – refer to the movement of the time and further develop their ideas in order to expand conventional art to the limits of human understanding and perception.

This exhibition aims to inspire art lovers and artists alike. It offers a unique opportunity to get to know the international currents of abstraction.

The exhibition was curated by Ivo Ringe in collaboration with Kristine Hamann. The Cologne-based artist and curator is also showing a selection of his works in a cabinet exhibition in the gallery.

The following artists are represented:

Stefan Annerel (B), Steven Baris. (USA), Nelleke Beltjens (NL), Wolfgang Berndt (D), Amelia Bowles (GB), Antoine Langénieux-Villard (F), Kleopatra Moursela (GR), Suzan Shutan. (USA), Shawn Stipling (GB), Bogumila Strojna (F), Richard van der Aa (F), Cecilia Visser (NL) and Ivo Ringe (D).

Galerie Kristine Hamann

Schweinsbrücke 11

23966 Wismar, Germany

T + 49 176 34 96 83 36

Below, a gallery of my works presented in the particular exhibition: