Call & Response – Glaskow Project Room – 7/9/23 to 15/9/23

An exhibition of contemporary drawing from international artists.

Each artist has sent a diptych or pair of drawings, in response to the ‘Call and Response’ theme. These include artists from India, Australia, the US, Europe, and the UK, working in a wide variety of styles, from abstract to figurative.

The call for drawings referenced the old Scots poetic tradition of ‘flyting’ and the idea of a ‘call and response’. Curators Pearl Kinnear and Anoushka Havinden wanted to investigate the spaces between, the process of making, and the to-and-fro of work both between artists, audience and other artists, and within individuals’ work.

This exhibition has called for playful and thoughtful work from international artists and an exploratory response in curation from Pearl and Anoushka. Subjects featured in the disparate body of work include abstractions, flute music, somersaults and bird-shaped humans.

The Drawing Box was established by Irish artist Di Henshaw and during the pandemic used as a way to keep connections between artists. Members share ideas, work, opportunities and discussions, and organise exhibitions that have toured the world. As an international group of independent artists, communicating largely via the internet and self organising, the Drawing Box centres on the discipline of drawing and self organised artist community.