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Kleopatra Moursela, lives and works in Athens Greece.

She works as an assistant Professor in Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece.

She studied Interior Design, Stage Design and Graphic Arts and she continued her studies in painting and engraving.

She attended at Edinburgh College of Art Herriot Watt University, and she successfully completed a two years Master Degree in Visual Arts.

​She completed her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1989-94) and She continued with her Master degree at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2004-06). ​

After some years she started studying at the Greek Open University “European Civilization”.

​Since 1996 – 2014 she was teaching painting and drawing at the Secondary Education and since 2014 until today she is teaching Drawing and painting in Athens School of Fine Arts.​

Kleopatra works across both painting and drawing and has been interested in the visual languages of Abstraction and in particular of Geometric Abstraction. Her particular interests lie in early Renaissance painting and early European Abstraction and Modernism.

She has had numerous solo exhibitions.

She presently lives and works in Athens Greece, and she is represented by 7 Gallery in Athens.

Born in Athens Greece 1967


  • Design and Graphics Arts at Vakalo College (1986-89)
  • Painting and engraving in Athens School of Fine Arts, (1989 – 1994)
  • Two years master degree in Painting in Athens School of Fine Arts
  • European history and Civilization in the Greek Open University


  • 2017 – until today Assistant Professor in Athens School Of Fine Arts, Greece.
  • 2014 – 2017 Coordinator for Arts lessons, at the Institute of Education Policy and Ministry of Education.
  • 1996 – 2014 Art Teacher at secondary education.
  • 2014 – 2021. Teaching Drawing and painting in Athens School of Fine Arts
  • 2017. Responsible coordinator for the restructuring of the Curricula in the teaching fields of Visual Arts, Music, Theater.
  • 2016. Responsible for the restructuring of the teaching material in the Visual Arts of the Primary and Secondary Education.
  • Honorary member of the Directorate of the Committee of Culture and Honorary Members of the Arts Council of Greece, (Visual Arts, Teacher and Arts Coordinator of the Institute of education Policy.
  • Organization a three-day Conference in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts, with Onassis Stegi, the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Educational Policy on “Art & Education”.
  • 2016. Participation and writing of proposals to the Standing Committee on Educational Affairs of the Parliament “National and social dialogue”, “Findings, proposals and implementation schedules”, May 2016.
  • Recording and publication of the Findings of the International Conference “Art & Education” on the Website of the Institute of Educational Policy
  • 1.Development of Creativity, 2. Artistic Education in Education, 3. Strengthening and modernization of the operation of school libraries.
  • 1996 – 2014. Art teacher at the Secondary Education.
  • 1984 – 1986. Art Director to a Culture Magazine «Ρεύματα».
  • External collaborator of publishing houses such as Livani, Kastanioti, Kedros, Pataki etc. for designing book covers.

Solo Exhibitions

  • ​17/04/2022 – 10/05/2022. Exhibition in Bos Fine Arts Gallery in Haag & Utrecht with Jan Hendricks.
  • 2020. solo exhibition January 2020 at Mingus Jazz Bar. “The artist Kleopatra Moursela presents a series of paintings – small dimensions entitled “in Between” at the Jazz Bar “Mingus” in the center of Athens. The exhibition consisted from Small abstract works of strict geometric writing which despite the small size manages to suggest a solid dialogue with the public and the space that hosts them – not an easy task since we have often seen exhibitions in mixed spaces (not galleries).
  • April 2019. solo exhibition of small size drawings at “Gallery 7” in Athens. It was the illustration of a very important and favorite literary book by Kostas Moursela, my father.
  • In March 2015. solo Exhibition at the “Gallery 7”, called “Transition”. In this series of works I tried to express and connect two beloved worlds, its geometric abstraction and its austerity with the human form of the Renaissance. Shapes were presented in the abstract geometric space.
  • 2001. I had a solo exhibition in gallery “Takis Zervas” in Patra.
  • 2002. solo exhibition in” Gallery Diana” in the center of Athens
  • 1996. solo exhibition in gallery “Olga Georgantea”
  • 1994. solo exhibition in gallery “Olga Georgantea”

Group Exhibitions

  • 26/09/2023 – 29/09/2023, Platforms Project, Independent Art Fair
  • 23/09/2023 – 30/09/2023, Structure, exhibition at the contemporary art gallery IL CUNEO SM in Vico.
  • 08/09/2023 – 15/09/2023, Call & Response, Glasgow Project Room, Drawings from over 40 international artists.
  • 29/08/2023 – 30/09/2023 Art Therapy Paros, Greece
  • 01/06/2023 – 18/06/2023, Gallery 7, Athens, International Group exhibition in Athens, curated by Kleopatra Moursela, Rene van den Bos, Aikaterini Kanakaki
  • 20/05/2023 – 11/06/2023. Artvark, Abstract watercolor show “Hydrography 8” at Visserhallen I Jmuiden, Netherlands.
  • 04/05/2023 – 13/05/2023. Galerie Abstract Project in Paris, France.
  • 05/03/2023 – 09/04.2023. Galerie Kristine Hamann at Wismar Germany, Group exhibition curated by Ivo Ringe “New Realities”
  • 25/02/2023 – 11/03/2023. Astractura in Athens. Galerie Agathi Giorgos Kartalos Athens. Curated by Kleopatra Moursela.
  • 09/03/2023-10/04/2023. Group virtual exhibition konstructiv.ist 11.
  • 08/12/2022 – 16/12/2022. Group exhibition curated by Drawing Box international. The drawing box popup show, Belfast Retail Park.
  • 07/11/2022 – 11/01/2023. Women in Abstraction, Group show by Alfa Gallery.
  • 22/10/2022 – 22/11/2022. Drawing Box Pop up A5 show. Exhibition with work for over 90 international artists. Diablo Valley College, Library Gallery 321 Golf club, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 USA.
  • 20/10/2022 – 20/11/2022. Astractura e Realites Nouvelles. Instutute Francese Di Cultura, Napoli Via Crispi.
  • 13/10/2022 – 16/10/2022. Platforms Project with Orizontas Gegonoton.
  • 03/09/2022 – 13/9/2022. Have a Seat in Paros. Apothiki Art House.
  • 01/08/2022 – 18/08/2022. The butterfly effect Art Auction, exhibitioning at Poimena gallery.
  • 23/07/2022 – 31/07/2022. The Drawing Box A5 Pop Up Show, exhibition with work by over 90 international artists from the Drawing Box collective created during the pandemic. ONKAF Gallery New Delhi.
  • 6/07/2022 – 20/07/2022. Municupal Gallery of Piraeus, Stigma/Dipola Platform.
  • 22/06/2022 – 02/10/2022. Sala dell’ Ostrichina, Napoli, Astractura, curator professor Rosario Pinto.
  • 20/05/2022 – 31/05/2022. Orizontas Gegonoton, “To metro”, curated by Tzimis Efthimiou.
  • 01/04/2022 – 15/04/2022. Museo Nationale Ferroviario.
  • 19/04/2022- 14/05/2022. «L’ ecumes des jours”, Gallery 7 Athens, curated by Chloe Akrithaki.
  • 01/4/2022 – 31/05/2022. Alfa Gallery Miami, Artsy. “Abstraction in Action”. 
  • 01/05/2022– 15/05/2022. Astractura 2022, Museo Nationale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa. Participating Artists. Carmen Novaco, Ellen Rob, Grazia Santarpia, Lucia di Miceli, Ulla Pedersen, Yessika Zambrano, Bruno D’ Angelo, Diego Alexandre Asi, Fransesco Gallo, Gabriel De Gaudi, Lorenzo Bocca, Maurizio Bonolis, Pietro Pezzella, Rosario Buccione, Salvatore Giunta, Salvatore Starace.
  • 04/03/2022 – 20/03/2022. The Drawing Box A5 Pop Up show, Exhibition with over 65 International Artists from the Drawing Box Collective created during 2020, Inishoven, Artists retreat and Studio, hosted by Synead Smith. Ireland
  • 3/2/2022 – 15 /4/ 2022, Art in your Pocket, Ardhowen Theater, Ireland.
  • 23/2/2022 – 2/04/2022. Have a seat. Group Exhibition, curated by αντί Gallery  and Louisa Karapidaki / Hellenic American Union Athens Greece. Participating 46 visual artists.
  • 14/01/2022 – 13/02/2022, Drawing Box Pop – up Show Dunoon Burgh Hall Skotland, hosted by Anoushka Havinden. The Drawing Box A5 Pop-Up Show is an exhibition with work by over 60 international artists from The Drawing Box Collective, created during 2020. This is a show with a truly international feel, which will be travelling to Ireland, Lithuania, India and Australia.
  • 13/12/2021 – 14/1/ 2022, Drawing Box International Tour, Drawings exhibition by artists from all over the world and by students of studio 11ASFA in the premises of the Library of Athens School of Fine Arts.
  • 13/11/2021– 28/11/2021. Sant Agata dei Goti, Rome, Curated by Astractura and Professor Rosario Pinto.
  • 22/09/2021 – 15/10/2021, virtual exhibition “Que de Femmes, Only women” curated by Erdem Kurcukkoglu, 6th International non Objective Art Biennale.
  • 9/09/2021 – 30/11/ 2021, Civil Center Markopoulos Greece, Bairakia with Orizontas Gegonoton.
  • 16/10/2021, Lineadearte, Officina Creativa, Napoli, Curated by Astractura and Professor Rosario Pinto.
  • 8/9/2021– 28/10/ 2021, Drawing Box, Athens school of Fine Arts, 65 participating artists from around the world with 13 students from Athens School of Fine Arts.
  • 5 /11/2021 – 28/11/2021.  Lodz satellite, Que des Femmes… Only Women, Biennale Intenationale de l’ Art non objectif de la ville de Pont de Claix at the Cobro Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Participants: Agnieszka Wasiak (PL), Maria Cuevas, Dominique Chapuis, Ewa Latkowska, Zoa Zak, Katerina balunova, Suzan Shutan, Kimiko Ota, and others.
  • 25/11/2021 – 4/12/ 2021, Galerie Abstract Project, group exhibition Network 1. Participating artists, Erdem Kucuk, Munira Naqui, Ivo Ringe, Rosa hassling, Claudia Desgranges, Aime terburg, Stefanie heyer, Elsa Latelier, Olivier Di Pizio, Bogumila Strogna, Claire De Chavagnac Brugnon, Mark Starel, Zoa Zak, jean Luc Manguin, Andras Wolsky, Reinhart Roy.
  • 12/12/2021, group exhibition in Bos Fine Arts Hague.
  • 12/2021, Online Group Exhbition curated by Alfa Gallery Miami.
  • 22/09/2021 – 15/10/2021. “The 6th virtual exhibition starts today”! In this group exhibition you will see a selection of paintings by women artists from the international non – objective art scene. Is a satellite virtual exhibition together with artist Roland Orepuk founder and curator of Biennale Internationale d’ Art Non Objectif in Pont de Claix, and Billy Gruner Founder of Biennale of Reductive and NOA Sydney. To see this exhibition please visit:
  • 06/10/2021 – 30/10/2021. The Big Book, Archeological Museum in Thiva
  • 16 September – 25 Septembre 2021. “After network 1. 1 Network 1.2. Galerie Abstract Project, Paris France.
  • 2 Septembre – 11 Septembre 2021, Galerie Abstract Project, lieu de creation de reflexion, de diffusion. ONE SUBJECT/ONE DRAWING A DAY.
  • 6 August – 31 August 2021, Questa Public Library, Small Art work exhibition created by more than 60 international artists during the pandemic. The show will travel to Australia, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Lithuania, India. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=xUdqkGN7cAU&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2NuaHyIJ-DErqhRFRIvKFzUW6I_YpRT9IfvC5CnceUVK66DXcif5G-Rhs
  • 7 July – 31 July, 2021, L’ATELIER BLANC and DRAWING BOX INTERNATIONAL present : ONE SUBJET/ONE DRAWING A DAY a Claire de Chavagnac project Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the artists brook the isolation of the studio by sharing their work and experiences in discussion groups on social media. Claire de Chavagnac proposed the members of the DRAWING BOX INTERNATIONAL group to draw on the same subject every day for a month. Thus was born ONE SUBJET/ONE DRAWING A DAY which brings together 42 international artists for several exhibitions in France and internationally. The exhibition shows a selection of six drawings by artist from the series produced during the month. Artists come from Irlande, Angleterre, Ecosse, Inde, USA, Lituanie, Allemagne, Hollande, Croatie, Grèce, Slovaquie et France. Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon One drawing a day! Curatorial Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon
  • 24 May 2021, Surfing Group Show on Instagram organized by Alfa Gallery Miami.
  • 21 October – 24 October 2021, Platforms project, Independent Art fairParticipating with Orizontas Gegonoton! A Greek platform from artists for artists! “Bairakia”.
  • Studio 11 asfa/Teachers and students draw and play together! ΙΑ’ Εργαστήριο Ζωγραφικής της ΑΣΚΤ συμμετέχει στο Platforms Project 2021 με ένα χάρτη από σχέδια που είναι εμπνευσμένα από τυχαίες αναζητήσεις στο λεξικό της ελληνικής γλώσσας. Studio 11 asfa at Platforms Project Net 2021 We present a map of drawings, inspired by random words. A collaboral game of words and images that could represent a randomness generator that is revisiting utopic ideas such as: Automatic writing as a method to release free associations between senses and things. Α perpetual book that is self- drawn and written. A flash back to the times of play.The discovery of the missing link that connect play, art and creativity. On the other hand, just, to have fun, at a time when everything leads to the opposite. Currated – organised by:Vassilis Vlastaras, Artist, Associate Professor, Kleopatra Moursela, Visual Artist, Tzimis Efthimiou, Τζιμης Ευθυμιου, Visual Artist https://online.fliphtml5.com/pyszz/dwnw/? fbclid=IwAR2i0ZT8wkyrAouFCBAfMWyUvmWyvfD2KoXhJqr14EAaORwKv0235GXvY#p=1
  • 25 April – 15 May/2021, Linea d’ Arte, Group Exhibition in Napoli, Italy. “Bella Ciao/ Venti Per venti”
  • 19 April – 6 /June, 2021 Ely Contemporary Art Center, Discursive Geometry. A partnership between Discursive Geometry and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art. The COVIMETRY online exhibition opens at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, on April 19, 2021. The installation of the exhibition COVIMETRY by Mark Starel is probably one of the five best most innovative art events of the year anywhere, continues its life in America. of 275 artists from 36 countries and ca. 4oo papers. Curator Suzan Shutan of Ely Center of Contemporary Art gallery has made a shortlist of works, including mine. The official panel at Zoom will take place on May 13, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST USA, which is around 11:00 p.m. to 0:30 a.m. European time: Berlin, Warsaw, Rome. https://elycenter.org/covimetry?fbclid=IwAR2_W_ZMe5lJQ3Tri5TyHQZw25-dvhJ_2Wp3xNpfzLCp27NnMndYPVNlXQ8
  • List of participants by country, 302 participants from all over the world.
  • 2021. 60 and more artists from all over the world! Touring expo A5 works on paper x 300 + unframed works by artists created before & during lockdown 2020: International artists organization the Drawing Box work will be show cased at first in Modeenagh studio as a pop-up event and continuing with an international tour.
  • 12/2020. Mark Starel, Project curator. The international COVIMETRY exhibition is the first global manifestation of various trends in geometric art, conscious of its time.The name COVIMETRY comes from the combination of two words: COVID (Corona Virus Desease) and GEOMETRY (any trend in geometric art: constructivist, hard edge, minimal art, op-art, concrete art, non-objective art, discursive geometry, post-conceptual geometry and others).About 232 artists from 36 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia take part in the exhibition. The starting theme for all the work was an anti-virus mask template. The works have been made in various techniques and technologies, such as: drawing, painting, graphics, collage, object, photography, mix media, computer animation, video. Nowadays, the transformation of the mask as an idea and artifact is influenced by current cultural practices and various forms of social communication. As a result, the mask becomes included in discourses in which it has never appeared before. One of them is the discourse of the mask as a carrier of a work of art, which was initiated in the COVIMETRY project. Based on the Spanish expression “más que la cara” (more than a face), the masks presented at the COVIMETRY exhibition are a presentation of various artistic attitudes and their deep meanings. The COVIMETRY project is open in time. After the exhibition at BWA in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, further editions of this exhibition are planned in renowned national and foreign galleries, museums and art centers.
  • 11/2020. Team Digital exhibition organized by Fabio Massimo Caruso “THE SOUND OF SIGNS”
  • 20/11/20 – 07/01.2021.Mundial Des Artes. People Art Factory, New Digital experience for Art. Team Digital Exhibition.https://peopleartfactory.com
  • 02/2020. Hydra Museum, «Τhe boats we were hurting»
  • 06/2020. Art Project 2020 @ Paros Kastro, 1629. Curated by Nikos Zappas
  • 22/06/2020. Epigraphic Museum. The Big Book. Team Exhibition. Curated by «Oρίζοντας Γεγονότων». https://itsonlyarts.com/2020/06/to-m-2262020-692020/
  • 05/2020.Participation with “Orizontas Gegonoton” at Platforms Project.
  • 05/2020. “Tora! Τώρα! Tora, Tώρα” Team Digital Exhibition, organized by Studio11 ASFA, Athens School of Fine Arts in Platforms Projects.
  • 9/2020. Mumbai II phase Expo/Drawing Box, Jan – March 2020
  • 11/2019. The Big Book. Team Exhibition. Stoa for Books
  • 11/2019. Team exhibition to Hydra Island. Hydra Museum.
  • 5/2019. Team Exhibition. The Text of Appearances ASFA BBQ 2019
  • 5/2019. Team exhibition. Platforms Project. For one Truth with Orizontas Gegonoton
  • 01/2019. Stoa of Books. The Big Book. The issue of Memory and Oblivion that preoccupied us, as a matter of saving the trail, (see “Boats that We Wounded”) comes and goes in the -for 11 years- actions of Horizon Events. Impossible to pass it! Once we presented its memory and its mechanisms (see “This time let us not forget”), other times its reversal, as a memory of the future: insight, imagination, innovation, etc. (see “Our Vacation in Utopia”). Now, we want to project the memory record, with the book being a memory capsule.
  • So, on the occasion of the Book Year, we invited to an experimental, collective project to install a book, where each page-sheet will be the work of each of us.
  • The first presentation – exhibition of the book took place in December at 88 Kerameikou.
  • Now, the Great Book will reopen, in the Book Gallery, to unfold along with its pages our memories that have repeatedly lived there.
  • 04/2018. Platforms Project
  • 12/2018. The big book will open on the Horizon of Events
  • 6/2017. Paros Collective. Team Exhibition Castro Parikia Paros
  • 12/2017. Patra culture Centre “Our house in utopia”
  • 5/2015. Art Prisma Gallery Athens
  • 6/2015. Gallery 7 Athens
  • 01/2008. Master Degree Exhibition
  • 01/2007. Psichari Gallery “Woman’s”
  • 11/2006. Diana Gallery
  • 11/2006. Astrolavos Gallery
  • 11/2005. Art shop Nafplio
  • 11/2002. Pinacotheca Psichari, book Illustrations
  • 11/2001. Galerie Diana
  • 11/1998. Galerie Diana Yiulia
  • 11/1997. Participation to Biennale Tunisia
  • 11/1997. PAPOK
  • 11/1996. Art Athina with Gallery Olga Georgantea
  • 08/1995. Green Gallery, New York
  • 01/1994. National Gallery, team Exhibition
  • 04/1994. Ianos Gallery, Thessaloniki
  • 01/1992. Hotel Grand Bretagne. Organization L’Oréal
  • 11/1992. National Gallery of Edinburgh