Kleopatra Moursela

Check out my participation in the Group exhibition ‘Ebenso so sehr sichtbar’ @ sehsaal, 5-27/4

Introducing a line of products, based on my artwork by ZigZagZyrich textile manufacturer. Check them out!

New Arrival!
Wall Panels by
based on my synthesis of small watercolours!

Towards an in – depth statement 

As far as my artwork is concerns, entails Geometric Structures that develop symmetrically or heterogeneously images of a multifaceted reality, dynamic rectangles with references to algebraic and mathematical equations.

Colored Squares, quadrilaterals and interrelated shapes which form images of a multifaceted reality, a visual alternative to the world, surfaces that structure a semantic frame with indefinite content.

Challenging and harmonious color combinations, balanced with interconnected structural shapes, in a rhythmic relationship of subtle color levels.

Colored surfaces bounded by fine linear, which define a spatial articulation that is revealed and spread.

An interaction of emotions, memory, senses, a secret immersion in the forces of nature and existence. While the absoluteness and purity of geometry coexist with the emotional intensity of abstract expressionism.

Currently one of my main mediums are watercolors, It’s immediacy, sensitivity, transparency and opacity are the main characteristics that inspires me. This medium help me work faster and direct, while exploring the infinite possibilities of this material on canvas and on paper.

Notable Cooperations

Below is a list of galleries and services I’m currently relaying on to present my work to the public.

About Me

Kleopatra Moursela was born and she still lives in Athens. After studying Design and Graphics Arts at Vakalo College (1986-89), she decided to focus in Visual Arts […]


Kleopatra has been active through several exhibition in numerous regions. The list of her contribution in the art community is continuously growing.


Her work has been critically acclaimed throughout the years. Critics and art experts have written about her more and more intriguing work. We have collected a few of them.


Get yourself the best quality copies and even original works of Kleopatra Moursela via her official source on the web.

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